How do I pay bills using Bill Pay/Send a Check?

Start by logging in on your desktop web browser or the mobile app on your device. If you have not yet downloaded our mobile app, please visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Login with the same credentials you chose when you established your account.  


To set up bill pay using a check through the mobile app: 

  • Click the Menu button in the bottom right corner of the screen, and then click Transfers and Payments once the menu bar appears. 
  • Next, select Bill Pay/Send a Check*.  

Two helpful hints for navigating the page:  
1. On the Bill Pay page, there are two tabs: Pay Bills and Payment Activity. Your app will automatically open on the Pay Bills tab. The Options button to the right of the search bar will allow you to Add payee, Visit Bill Pay Site, Edit “Pay from” accounts, and Delete a payee
2. To view transactions and pending payments, Click the Payment Activity tab. 

  •  To set up your payee(s), you have two options. 
    • Option 1: Type the payees name into the search bar. Click Options and then Add payee.
      • Enter the required payee information. (Have the payee name, account number, and zip code handy.) Select Preview once all information is entered, then Save Payee after you confirm the information entered is correct.
      • Repeat this process to add additional payees.
    • Option 2: Click Options and then Visit Bill Pay Site.
      • Select Add a payee and click Continue.
      • Type the payee name in the search bar or select from the list, click Add.
      • Enter the required payee information. If you do not have an account number, enter identifying information (i.e., Pay to the account of John Smith). 
  • After clicking Next, the Payments screen will appear. On this page, you can schedule payments, view your account balance, edit your “pay from account”, and view pending transactions and history.  
  • You may also navigate the Bill Pay Site by clicking the Menu (three white lines) in the upper right corner to access Payees, Pay a person, Calendar, My account, and FAQs.  

To set up bill pay on your desktop: 

  • From the left side menu, click Transfers and Payments.
  • Select Bill Pay/Send a Check*. A new window will open with a pop up that says “Welcome to your bill pay.” If this is your first time adding a payee, there should be a green checkmark by “Add a payee.” Click Continue.
  • The page will open on the “Payments” tab. Click the red +Payee button on the left-hand side of the page, or go to the “Payee” tab.
  • Follow the steps to Add a payee or Pay a person.
  • To Add a payee, have the payee name, account number, and zip code handy.  
  • Type the name in the search bar and click Add or choose from the list of payees.  
  • Enter the payee information as requested. If you do not have the payee account number, please refer to your bill or monthly statement. If no account number is listed, please provide identifying information in the account number field (i.e., Pay to the account of John Smith).  
  • Click Next once all required information is completed.  
  • To Pay a person, click the “Pay a person” tab in the blue menu bar at the top.  
  • Toggle the button to select Check and click Next.  
  • Add the payee information as requested and click Next.  
  • For security purposes, a one-time activation code may be sent before payments are scheduled. Enter the activation code to complete this step. 
  • Once payees are added, you will be able to enter the amount to be paid, select the account to pay from, and schedule the payment. Press Pay all to complete setup.  

Managing Bill Pay on your desktop: 

  • The blue menu bar at the top of your screen allows you to easily navigate and manage several Bill Pay functions:
    • Payments serves as a home screen showing payee information, account balance, pending transactions, and payment history.
    • Payees shows current payees and provides the option to add additional payees.
    • Pay a person allows you to add individuals to be paid by check.
    • Calendar provides an overview of transactions.
    • My account allows you to add or delete pay from accounts, review and edit personal information, answer security information, and customize your bill pay notifications.
    • FAQ provides answers to the most frequently asked questions.  

    Benefits of Bill Pay with Old Glory Bank: 

    • Organize all your bills in one convenient place. 
    • Receive real-time balance and payment updates. 
    • Schedule bills with your credit card or vendor’s preferred payment method. 

    *Checks will be mailed and paid within 5-7 business days. Business days are defined as Monday through Friday, with the exception of Federal Holidays. 

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