How can Old Glory Bank be FDIC insured and still protect me from federal overreach?

What makes Old Glory Bank so safe and secure for your deposits is that we are FDIC-insured up to $250,000 per depositor.  We are not a “challenger” bank like so many of the online providers who partner with a third-party bank that controls things behind the scenes.  We are a “real” bank with a great mobile banking solution. We stand with you, no matter where you stand.  Of course, Old Glory Bank will absolutely comply with lawful orders, including, for example, a garnishment to pay child support and lawful requirements to report your income.  We will never be a bank for criminals or support criminal activity.  Just the opposite.  We believe in the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution.  Therefore, if a government official requests that we punish or cancel you for lawfully attending a protest, we will not comply.  If there is a request to punish or cancel you for conducting lawful business, that request will be unlawful, and we will not comply.  If other banks (and tech companies) want to stand with their elite friends in government and media to punish and cancel Americans for fossil fuels, the meat industry, firearms, or speaking truth to power, that’s on them.  Old Glory Bank will never punish or cancel customers for their lawful activities.  Instead, we stand with you.