How do I add my debit card to my Google wallet?

To add your debit or credit card to your Google Wallet: 

  • Unlock your Android phone and click on the Google Wallet app. (The Wallet icon resembles a blue wallet holding red, orange, and green cards.)  Google Wallet - Your Fast and Secure Digital Wallet
  • Once the app opens, at the bottom of the screen, click Add to Wallet +.  
  • Click Payment card. (Any cards saved to your Google account will be visible on this screen.) 
  • Click New credit or debit card.  
  • We recommend clicking Enter details manually to add your card due to the unique design of your OGB debit card.  
  • After you enter your card details, click Save.  
  •  After reading, Agree to the issuer’s terms and conditions to complete the progress. 
  • Once you click Agree, you may be asked to verify your card via phone call, text message, email, online banking website, bank app, or temporary deposit. Select your notification method and click Next.  
  • Complete the verification as instructed based on your selected method.  
  • After verification*, you should receive a message confirming that your card was added and is ready to make contactless payments. 

*Your account may show a small transaction after you set up your contactless payment. This transaction verifies that your card and account are valid; however, the transaction will be reversed and will not affect your balance.  

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