Do I need a mobile phone to bank with Old Glory Bank?

You do not need a mobile device to have an account with Old Glory Bank. However, there are certain functions that would be easier to complete with a mobile device.

Additionally, a mobile device offers an overall improved user experience and functionality. For example, the use of a mobile device facilitates:

  • Capturing and uploading a picture of your driver’s license during the application process.
  • Capturing and taking a picture of the paper checks that you would like to deposit into your spending account via mobile deposit.
  • Allows the user to receive push notifications if an account balance is low or overdrawn or any fraudulent activity is suspected.

You can certainly do all of your Old Glory banking on your desktop computer, however we find that having your bank “in your pocket” gives you real-time, at your fingertips control of your banking environment, from sea to shining sea.