How do I use Old Glory Pay's QR Pay?

Using the integrated QR function in Old Glory Pay is a quick and easy way to pay or request money from another user.

Every Old Glory Pay user has a unique QR code assigned. You can view yours by clicking the QR code in the lower left corner of your home screen and then choosing “View Your Personal QR Code”.

To initiate a QR code transaction in Old Glory Pay:

  1. The receiving party opens the QR code in their Old Glory Pay app.
  2. The sender scans the receiver’s QR code using the camera function of their phone.
  3. The Nickname and True Name of the receiver will appear in the sender’s app.
  4. The sender enters the amount to be paid and clicks

Important: As always, before you pay anyone, please make sure that the nickname, true name, and dollar amount is correct before confirming the transaction.

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