What is Old Glory Pay and how do I use it?

Old Glory Pay, available exclusively to Old Glory Bank customers, allows account holders to send instant electronic payments to other Old Glory Bank customers.

In keeping with our promise to never cancel a law-abiding customer for their beliefs, we created Old Glory Pay. It's our first step in creating a financial ecosystem that allows Old Glory Bank customers to process transactions with each other, without the influence or interference from large corporations unconcerned with, or in opposition to, American liberty.

With Old Glory Pay, our customers can send payments to other Old Glory Bank customers without their funds ever leaving the Old Glory Bank system, which means no institution can cancel your payments or seize your funds. And, since all cu­­stomers are part of Old Glory Nation, your transactions are more secure, and you'll have immediate access to your money.

What can I expect in the future?
With our new, secure ecosystem, Old Glory Pay will soon expand in many exciting ways, including direct-to-merchant solutions and cancel-proof crowd fundraising.

Download Old Glory Pay

Apple App Store - Old Glory Pay

Google Play Store - Old Glory Pay

Table of Contents:

Video Tutorial

How to set up Old Glory Pay

How to send or request payments through Old Glory Pay

How to approve or reject payments through Old Glory Pay



Old Glory Pay uses the same username and password as all of your Old Glory Bank accounts. If you have not yet established your online account access for Old Glory Bank, please do so first by visiting login.oldglorybank.com and selecting Enroll. For more help on setting your username and password, click here.

To set up Old Glory Pay for the first time:

  • Install the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. (hyperlink direct to app pages via graphic icon)
  • Once installed, open the Old Glory Pay app and log in with the username and password you use for all your Old Glory accounts. You may be required to provide a code sent to your e-mail or mobile device to confirm your identity.
  • The app will prompt you to select a “nickname” for your account. Your nickname will be how other Old Glory Pay users search and locate you to send or receive money. Follow the instructions to register your nickname.

TIP: Remember, for security purposes, you may not change your nickname later, so pick a good one! 

  • If you have more than one spending account at Old Glory Bank, you will be directed to select a default account for payments and deposits through Old Glory Pay. Your default account may be changed at any time in the settings section of the application.

To send or request payments through Old Glory Pay:

  • Once logged in to the Old Glory Pay app, select the blue “Pay or Request” button at the bottom of your screen.
  • Select the “To/From” box to select a user from your friends list or to type in the nickname of a user to or from whom you would like to send or receive money for the first time.

Tip: Remember, for security reasons, you must know the exact nickname with the correct spelling of the other user you plan to transact with. Old Glory Pay does not support open searches of the user or nickname database. This is to reduce the possibility of a payment being misdirected.

  • After selecting the nickname of the other user, you will be brought back to the “Pay or Request Money” screen. Please confirm that both the nickname and the actual name of the other party is now listed in the “To/From” box.
  • In the “Amount” box, type in the amount you wish to pay or receive from the other user. Reminder: Old Glory Pay has daily limits which can be referenced by selecting the” “limits” link on the app.
  • In the optional note box, you may include a note (up to 33 characters long) that will be shared with the other user.
  • Under “Funding Source,” ensure you have the correct bank account selected before proceeding.
  • Select either the Pay button at the bottom of the screen to pay money to the other user or select the Request button at the bottom of the screen to request money from the other user. 
  • The confirmation screen will ask you to confirm the nickname, true name, and amount of the transaction. Once confirmed, Old Glory Pay processes the transaction. The transaction is nearly instantaneous and will be processed immediately. Remember, transactions processed through Old Glory Pay are irreversible.

To approve or reject a payment request in Old Glory Pay:

When another user requests a payment from you, a notification will appear on your device and the request will be referenced under the “pending” tab in the Old Glory Pay mobile application.  

Click on either the notification or the request listed under “pending” to approve or deny the request. As always, before approving a request and paying anyone confirm that the nickname, username, and dollar amount are correct before confirming a transaction.

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