Will Old Glory Bank be sending paper checks when I open my account?

We have currently made the decision not to include checks with our Freedom Spending account because we believe the incredible features we offer can take the place of paper transactions.

Old Glory Bank offers a variety of options for sending payments to businesses or individuals. Our Bill Pay/Send a Check feature allows you to send payments to vendors or individuals easily and securely. These payments are transmitted electronically whenever possible. For those recipients who cannot accept an electronic payment, we will mail a check on your behalf for no additional fee.

Old Glory Pay is now available, offering instant payments to other Old Glory Pay customers right from the app.

For those times when an electronic payment is not an option, you may write a paper check from your Old Glory Bank spending account.

The first 4 checks per statement cycle (calendar month) from your Freedom Spending account are processed with no fee. A $5 per check fee will be charged at the end of the statement cycle for additional checks over 4. Remember, there are no fees for using Old Glory Bank's Bill Pay/Send a Check or Old Glory Pay.

Old Glory Bank has partnered with Harland-Clarke for check printing. Visit ordermychecks.com to place an order. To do so, you will need your Old Glory Bank's routing number, which is 103113441, and your account number. You can find your account number by logging in to your account on the mobile or desktop app, clicking on the account itself, and then clicking on the Details & Settings tab. Scroll down to find your account number. 

You are also welcome to use an alternate check printing service of your choice.