Secure Access Code (SAC) / Verification Code Scam

This type of scam has become quite prevalent in recent months. There are several variations of the scam, and all are aimed at tricking you into giving someone access to your bank account, your social media account, or your online retail store account


  • Do not share your Secure Access Codes/Verification Codes, usernames, or passwords with ANYONE. 
  • Old Glory Bank will never ask you to reveal a Secure Access Code (SAC)/Verification Code or your password by phone, text, or email.  
  • It is safe to assume that anyone who asks you to share a Secure Access Code/Verification Code is a scammer. 
  • Do not post your phone number or other personally identifiable information online. 

Some examples of how this scam works:  

Example 1: The scammer sends a text or calls your phone, saying he’s from your bank. He says that the bank has seen some unusual charges on your account and wants to verify if they are yours. He reads off a list of transactions, none of which are yours. He then tells you that he needs to send a Secure Access Code to your phone to verify your identity. The SAC comes to your phone via text, and he asks you to read it back to him.  

Example 2: You post something for sale on Facebook Marketplace or Craig’s List. A “potential buyer” looks for your posted phone number and says he would like to call you about the item. He says he has been scammed before, though, and wants to verify your phone number is real. He sends you a verification code and asks you to provide the code before calling you.  

Example 3: You receive a phone call from someone claiming to work for a large online retail store. He tells you that he’s seen some unusual activity on your account, and they are concerned that your account has been compromised. They may ask you to read back to them a Secure Access Code they will send, or they may even ask you for your password to the account, claiming that they need this to verify your identity. 

The Result: You receive a code, give the code to the scammer, and he never calls you. Instead, the code you provided him with allows him access to your accounts. In many cases, the scammer uses the access code to set up Call Forwarding/Mirroring on your phone number. All of your calls and texts will go to your phone AND to his phone at the same time. With some easy online research, he finds your accounts, inputs your phone number, and indicates he forgot his passcode. He is then sent a code to change your account passcodes, locking you out, and taking over your accounts. 

In other cases, he may have submitted a “lost password” request on your account at the same time he called you. When you provide the SAC, he is able to get into your account and immediately change your email and password to one of his own.  

Once the scammer has access to your accounts, he can wreak havoc. If he’s gained access to your bank account, he can transfer your money out in minutes. If he’s hacked an online retail account where your credit card is stored, he can start shopping on your dime. Some hackers have even tried to demand their victims pay exorbitant sums of money to let the victim have their account back.  

How to Avoid 

  • First and foremost, never give a Secure Access Code (SAC) or your account login details to anyone else. No legitimate business or institution, including OGB, will ever ask you for this code or your account password by phone, email, or text. 
  • Be extremely cautious about where you post your phone number, or any other personally identifiable information.  
  • Pay attention to the phone number contacting you. Old Glory Bank will only call you from the area codes 405 (Oklahoma, where we are based) or 888/833. An authentic SAC from Old Glory Bank will come from a short number such as “86434”. 
  • Our fraud software utilizes the following numbers, which you may want to add to your saved contacts: 833-763-2031, 833-763-2033, or 833-735-1892, or the short code 37-268. 
  • If you are contacted by a scammer, even if you don’t fall for the scheme, we recommend changing your username and password immediately. It’s a good idea to change all of your online passwords often and avoid using the same password on more than one site.  
  • Please note that scammers can also fake Caller ID information. If you suspect a caller is impersonating Old Glory Bank in any way, hang up and call us back using our known Customer Service phone number: 888-446-5345.
Report scams immediately to your local law enforcement. If a scammer contacts you claiming to be from Old Glory Bank, please email us as soon as possible at or call our Customer Service team at 888-446-5345.