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Frequently Asked Questions about Business Banking at Old Glory Bank

How do I open my business account?  

We open new business accounts from our reservation list. Once you have made a reservation for your account, we will send you an invitation to apply in 1-2 business days. Be sure to visit our website for the latest news and features of our Liberty Business accounts. Our system of opening business accounts from our reservation list will be a careful process, to give our customers the best possible experience. Our business account openings are handled individually and personally by our business bankers, which takes some extra time. Thank you for your patience as we work to provide the best service we can for your business. Make a Reservation

What are the next steps after I have started the process of opening my Business Account?

Within 2 to 3 business days after submitting your Business Account application, one of our dedicated business bankers will reach out to you. They will guide you through the remaining steps, provide any additional information or documentation that may be required, and assist you in finalizing the setup of your Business Account. We aim to ensure a smooth and efficient onboarding experience for you and your business. 

Can I use the same username as my consumer account?  

When it comes to online banking login options, we offer two choices:  

  • Single Username for Consumer and Business Accounts: You may use the same username for your consumer and business accounts.  
  • Separate Usernames for Business and Consumer Accounts: Alternatively, you may opt for separate usernames for your consumer and business accounts. In this case, you would have one username for your consumer accounts and a different username for your business accounts, with the ability to add your consumer account, provided you are the business owner. 

Your Business Banker can help you choose the best option to suit your needs.  

In what ways can I fund my business account?   

Old Glory Bank offers various convenient methods for funding your business account, including: 

  • Mobile Deposit: Enjoy the ease of depositing through your phone for free and without transaction limits.
  • Account Transfer: You have the option to transfer funds from a separate Old Glory Bank business or consumer account, ensuring quick and safe transfers within our network.
  • ACH Transfer: Easily fund your account through ACH transfers.
  • Wire Transfer: Utilize wire transfers with no incoming transfer fees. 

When will business debit cards be available?  

To issue a debit card for business, we had to obtain a new BINs (Bank Identification Numbers) from our card networks to ensure your business debit cards work around the globe. We could not use the same BIN that we use for our consumer cards. The timetable to obtain this BIN is much too long for our liking, but unfortunately, there is nothing more we can do to speed this along. We are expecting to be ready Spring of 2024. Once available, you may request a debit card for each account signer. We will update you when the business debit cards are available. However, your business can apply for a credit card today!

How can I add additional users to my account?  

Our online banking platform offers business customers the flexibility to add additional users with ease. As a business account owner, you have control over assigning specific tasks and permissions to the additional users. If needed, you can easily remove a user from an account as well. Any changes in your list of additional users are updated immediately within our account access application. 

When will payroll services be available?  

We are diligently working on the development and implementation of payroll services. We are pleased to inform you that these services are anticipated to be fully available in the first quarter of 2024. We are committed to providing a reliable and efficient payroll solution for your Business Banking needs. 

What online accounting software do you integrate with?  

Old Glory Bank offers external integration with Quicken and QuickBooks accounting software. The integrations ensure that you can easily and efficiently manage your financial data, transactions, and records, streamlining your accounting processes for greater convenience and accuracy. 

Can I transact with 3rd Party P2P services like Zelle, Venmo, etc.?  

You may engage in transactions with 3rd party P2P services including Venmo, Cash App, etc. However, it is important to note that Old Glory Bank does not currently offer Zelle as one of our support platforms for P2P transactions. Please see our Knowledge Base article for more details on Zelle. Don't forget, we offer Old Glory Pay, which is the only payment processing that honors PSL (privacy, security, liberty).   

Will you offer overdraft protection for my business?  

Yes, we do offer Business Overdraft Protection. This includes linking a Liberty Business Savings account to your Liberty Premium Business Checking account for initial transfers to cover overdrafts. Then, if the account is in good standing, the Business Overdraft Protection amount of $500 will be available for transactions.  ‘Good Standing’ is when the account is not currently overdrawn and has no active legal actions, such as garnishments, levies, or other legal processes. 

What is the statement cycle?  

The statement cycle is generally the last day of the month. Statements are electronic and allow you to view your statements online and have the option to print.  E-statement enrollment

What are my daily Mobile Check Deposit limits?  

For Mobile Check Deposits, we are delighted to inform you that there are no limits. This means you can make deposits at your convenience without any restrictions on the amount you can deposit or the number of deposits you can make. However, please note that all deposits made to Old Glory Bank are subject to review per our Funds Availability Policy and check verification. Our full terms and conditions are available here

In most cases, the first $225 of your deposit will be available on the first business day after we receive your deposit. Subsequently, the remaining portion of your deposit, up to $5,525, will generally become available on the second business day following the banking day of your deposit. For deposits exceeding $5,525, there may be a hold of up to 7 business days before the funds are made available. More details about Check Holds are available here. 

What are my daily transfer limits?  

We are pleased to inform you that there are no daily limits on transactions between linked Old Glory Bank accounts. However, for external transfers, such as ACH transactions, Business customers must apply for ACH services. Once approved, you can take advantage of external transfers. 

What are the outgoing wire limits?   

Old Glory Bank does not impose daily limits on business accounts for outgoing wire transfers. Your ability to initiate outgoing wire transfers is contingent upon the availability of funds in your account and the successful verification of those funds. We offer the option to use wire transfers to best fit your business needs. Instructions for initiating a wire can be found here: Wire transfers.

How to get more help? 

For more support, our customer service representatives in Oklahoma are available by phone Monday through Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Central Time at 888-44OldGlory (888-446-5345). Press Option 5. 

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